Sister School Partnerships.

Sister school partnerships are as varied as the schools who engage in them.

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We will keep connecting schools in the U.S. and China one at a time!

USA-China Sister Schools Association

a non-profit organization

As the only organization of its kind in the Washington metropolitan area, we have been dedicated to connecting students, teaching staff and administrators of K-12 schools in the U.S. and China since our founding in 1992. Over the past two decades, we have witnessed the creation and execution of vibrant exchange programs between more than 20 sister school partnerships. These partnerships spread out in states like Maryland, Virginia, Wisconsin and Kansas and are continuing to expand to other parts of the country. Given the fact that Sino-American relationship is one of the world’s most important bilateral relationships, we believe that interpersonal interaction between the youth of the two countries will greatly enhance mutual understanding, which in turn will contribute to the peace and development of the world. We will keep connecting schools in the U.S. and China one at a time!

Communication in Annual Exchange Visits

guest students shadow their host students'day at school and stay with their families


They will also take specially designed classes to learn the host country's culture. For instance, Chinese schools may offer classes ranging from paper cutting, Taiji, dumpling making, folk dance, Opera singing, etc. Similarly, American schools will offer Model Court, pottery and other special classes to Chinese guests.

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     Communication in Academic     Areas

Literature Study Tour/Science Study Tour


The literature study tour is intended to offer a cooperative learning opportunity for American and Chinese students who are interested in learning about American literature.
The science study tour is offered to American and Chinese students who love to learn about a variety of science topics.

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Communication in Extra-curriculum Activities

Basketball Tour/Joint Performance - Drama, Orchestra, Symphony


>In partnership with Washington Wizards and the public school systems of Virginia and Maryland, we bring basketball teams of Chinese schools to the U.S. and experience American basketball competition along with great sightseeing opportunities.
For Chinese students interested in performing arts, we designed this invaluable opportunity to hone their skills, explore every facets of dramatic production, learn from recognized professional and interact their peers in the U.S.

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Communication of School Administrators and Teachers

increased knowledge and first hand experience of a different education system.


In a sister school partnership, school administrators have increased knowledge and first hand experience of a different education system. They also learn from their counterparts to better tackle educational challenges. Teachers are offered short-term teaching positions in their sister schools to exchange ideas and knowledge, share pedagogies and curriculum, improve proficiency in languages through added involvement in the language and culture and develop personal partnerships.


What Sets us Apart

We will keep connecting schools in the U.S. and China one at a time!


Support for Chinese Immersion Programs

a series of programs under the umbrella of sister school partnerships.

With the expansion of Chinese immersion programs in the U.S., there has been an increasing need for schools housing such programs to build up relationships with their counterparts in China.
To satisfy such a need, we develop a series of programs under the umbrella of sister school partnerships. For example, students in a given Chinese immersion program will each be paired up with a student of the same age at their Chinese sister school. Depending on studnets' grade level and classroom schedules, we can organize activities such as weekly pen-pal or e-pal exchanges, yearbook trading, photo exchange, culture box exchange and display, holiday and festival exchange, country collage, etc.
These are great ways to help motivate students to learn Chinese, to hear Chinese spoken in authentic contexts and to practice their own Chinese with peers of a similar age. What is more important is the cross-cultural communication ability, intercultural awareness, and tolerance for differences built acquired in this process.

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Secondary School Exchange Student Program

bring qualified Chinese high schoolers to participate in this program

Begun in 1949, the Secondary School Student Program is one of the oldest and most successful Exchange Visitor Programs operated by the U.S. Department of State's Department. This program uses the J-1 visa to bring secondary school students from other countries to study in the United States at accredited public or private secondary schools for an academic semester or an academic year, while living with American host families or residing at accredited U.S. boarding schools.
We are authorized by the American Councils for International Education to bring qualified Chinese high schoolers to participate in this program. In a joint effort with Beijing United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (BJUNESCO), we have successfully brought numerous students to study in public high schools in Kansas, Maryland and Wisconsin. During their stay in America, these students integrated themselves into the host schools, host families, the community and surroundings.
Educators, employers, parents and alumni all agree that the benefits of this program reach far beyond the year or semester that a student spends in the U.S. They return to China as young adults who are more independent, competent, confident, and possess a deeper understanding of their own family and country. They also discover that the experience opens doors for many years to come, greatly enhancing educational and professional opportunities.

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Summer Programs:


Model UN

A simulation of the UN General Assembly and other multilateral bodies


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Program

research and education institution of molecular biology and genetics.



Chinese Students Volunteering in the U.S.
US Students Volunteering in the China


The Little Ambassador Program

esigned to help young participants to understand the outside world


Chinese Culture Day at Disneyland Park

With great support from the Walt Disney World in California and Orlando